Island Digital Marketing Personal Data Collection Policy Statement

1. Privacy Policy

IDM undertakes to observe the data protection principles and to comply with the requirements of the Law of Protection of Personal Data (Privacy Law) of Canada and IDM's Privacy Policy during personal data collection and processing. All collected personal data will be archived adequately during its storing up period and destroyed after the said period.

When IDM gathers private data, either electronically or in hard copy format, that may personally identify the person in question, the purpose and aim for the required information will be given. The personal data collected will only be processed and used by IDM and will not be disclosed to any third party or organizations outside IDM unless otherwise stated, or required by law, or with your prior consent.

According to the Law of Protection of Personal Data and related administrative procedures of IDM, one can request to have access or to correct one's data held by IDM.

According to postal regulations, service contract terms and IDM regulations, a reasonable fee may be charged for complying with a request for access to or correction of the collected data.

2. Privacy policy for collection and use of personal information on our website

2.1 Collection and Use of Non-personal Information

If one browses this website instead of applying by running any software, we will not keep identity information nor collect data such as names and addresses.

When you browse or download information from our website, our computer system may log down and keep the data from your browsers, such as your domain name, IP address, access date and time, the pages you have browsed and the referring website addresses. The purpose of collecting this information is to facilitate your needs better. No investigation based on the information will be launched against users except when IDM's website is found under a malicious attack by a visitor.

When using eServices from our webpage, the software may use "cookies" to record your online experiences, to customize it for when you revisit it. There will be a warning message whenever a cookie is saved if the feature "detecting cookies" is activated in your browser.

2.2 Collection and Use of Personal Information

Personal data may be required if you use our services, and the information needed may vary with the services. When required to provide personal information, we will inform you about several collections conditions, regulations and purposes. We will only use and disclose your personal data for the purpose for which it was collected. 

2.3 Security

Our webpage provided services, including the Certification Service, Electronic Postal Certification Mark, Annual Subscription and Online shopping, use the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to protect the transmission of sensitive personal information over the Internet.

2.4 Personal Data Recipients

The personal data collected and processed by the IDM may be, according to the needs of the services concerned, transferred to other administrative or judicial bodies, as well as private entities or bodies, and these must, in the handling of personal data, observe the Personal Data Protection Act and the present declaration.

2.5 Personal Data Safety

All IDM website administrators shall take appropriate measures to ensure the confidentiality and storing of the data until its usage or storage term comes to an end when the data shall be destroyed or sealed per what was previously stipulated.

3. External Links

Our website provides links to other websites that belong to Canadian government agencies, external government/public sectors, local or international private sectors. Clicking the links to other sites means you have left the IDM's website. Since the privacy statement on these websites may differ from ours, we do not take any responsibility for the privacy policies or contents of those websites, so you are advised to check those privacy statements when necessary.

4. Changes to this Statement

The revised Privacy Statement will be posted without any prior notice if changes are made, and the revising date will be printed on the page.

5. Inquiries

If you have any queries regarding the personal data collection and processing by the IDM, you are welcome to contact us personally or via e-mail to IDM's Director at the following addresses: